IICNA, PC’s MISSION is to offer specialized medical services not commonly available, to assist in the quest for improvement of life, assist in understanding and thus eradicating the causes of some ill-health, and expand our knowledge of the mechanisms of health.

IICNA, PC’s VISION is to achieve its mission through continual learning, expanding the process of diagnostics and treatments into as many different areas as possible, by offering the extensive testing now available, and presenting alternative therapies as they become available.



IICNA, PC, Integrated Infusion Clinics of North America, now offers specialized medical services in the greater Hendersonville, North Carolina area, near Asheville, in the beautiful smoky mountains.

The clinic’s mission includes providing therapies not commonly available. These include Ketamine used for the treatment of resistant depression and chronic panic therapy, and Suboxone for office-based addiction therapy.

Additional information and details are available by clicking the menu items above.  Regularly updated information is also available by calling 833-442-6272 (toll-free). For out-of-area clients, Asheville, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC, all have full-service airports.