Modern Mind and Body Clinics otherwise known as Integrated Infusion Clinics of North America, is the result of extensive study, and review of therapies not commonly available, by Dr. Jerry H. Titel, MD, MBA.

Dr. Titel obtained his medical education from the University of Chicago (Pritzker) Medical School, and then trained as an anesthesiologist.  He researched, taught, and provided anesthesia for decades in various parts of the country.  One of the medications used in anesthesia is Ketamine.  His extensive experience with it stimulated his interest in alternative medical usages for this amazing medication.  Doing so resulted in his gradual expansion into studying other therapies not commonly available, which, in turn, resulted in the creation of IICNA, PC.

Some of the therapies provided are either “off-label” or considered “compassionate”, thus not covered by traditional medical insurances.  Payment will be required at time of service. The clinic offers financing options through outside agencies which may be available depending on individual circumstances. Pricing and payment options will be discussed in detail prior to patient enrollment.


Dr. Jerry H. Titel & Clinic Team are Available for Consultations

Our one on one in-clinic, in-home (or virtual) appointments start with an informational session lasting between 30 to 60 minutes during which Dr. Titel’s mission, philosophy and optional therapies are discussed to customize your rejuvenation journey.


Monica Griffin Unique Strategy to Combine Life & Brain Coaching brings heavy thought provoking exercises’ that encourage “ah-ha” moments but also encouraging “let it go” mindset. Monica leads you to pivot points in order to forgive yourself, believe in yourself and be present for yourself. Her questions are customized for each clients mindset needs. This means each individual has a different coaching experience.

Nicholas Sahf’s passion for the art of massage and bodywork shows his natural dedication to helping each individual with their body aches and muscle needs. He specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) which has been used to help relieve muscle pain and tension. Nicholas’ combination of knowledge with holistic health and body movement, has shown to encourage his clients to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Should both agree to begin a clinic/patient relationship, an extensive “in-take” visit will follow.  At which time the patients’ medical histories will be reviewed in detail, and appropriate plans for tests, and treatments will follow.  At a minimum, all patients will be evaluated for diabetes, chronic inflammation, and HIV (optional) and microbiome health.  Basic chemistries, vitamin status, amino acid status, hormone status, general blood counts, suicidal ideation and general psychological status will be evaluated. Subsequent laboratory and diagnostic test pricing and follow-up treatment pricing will depend on the individual plans developed. In some cases, insurances may pay for some of the testing.

In addition, as with any therapeutics, no guarantees can be made.

Approaches will be based on both scientific and antidotal information.  Often times, individual patients will have done their own research and request specific therapies.  All therapies will require consents and “contracts” between the parties.