IICNA, PC’s clinic offers several other treatment modalities.

MASSAGE therapy is provided by Nicholas Sahf, a certified massage therapist.

For appointments call 828-697-7180.

LIFE COACHING is provided by Monica Griffin.

For appointments call 828-697-7180.


PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

This therapy has resulted from NASA research and is utilized on spaceships to help slow bone loss and prevent muscle atrophy. In brief, it is intended to augment the normal pulsations of the earth, (7.83 Hertz) which research has shown is important for health.  The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit. Its electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with its natural pulsation frequency — the so-called “Schumann resonance.”  We can think of it as the Earth’s pulse or heartbeat.

Our modern shoes, and in-building lifestyles, have removed us from natural contact with the earth, thus its pulsations.  PEMF devices produce electromagnetic waves at to simulate the earth’s pulsations, thus stimulate our body’s natural healing. The short-burst waves generated by PEMF devices are at a low frequency similar to that of the earth itself. Many people have experienced improvements for various conditions through its use, especially various pain syndromes, inflammation, and fatigue.  PEMF is not covered by insurances.  To make an appointment, call 828-697-2144.


HBOT, or HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY, is utilized by many for multiple disease states, including brain trauma (see web information by Dr. Daniel Amen).

IICNA, PC is proud to offer HBOT.  Call 828-697-2144 for an appointment.  Most HBOT therapies are probably not covered by insurances.  Documentation will be provided to submit to your insurance company for possible partial reimbursement.  Financing may be available. To schedule an appointment, call 828-697-2144.

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BRAIN COACHING is a psychological approach to brain issues developed by Dr. Daniel Amen.

IICNA, PC’s principle physician is certified by Dr. Amen as a brain coach, utilizing Dr. Amen’s approach to identify and treat mental issues, many of which are the result of treatable brain injuries, inflammation, or toxicities.  IICNA, PC refers to Dr. Amen’s Atlanta clinic for the ultimate in diagnostics (SPECT exam – a method of measuring blood flow to all portions of the brain) is available. Dr. Amen’s therapeutic approach, as indicted via IICNA, PC, utilizes supplements, hyperbaric oxygen and life-style changes, in favor of medications.  An in-take appointment will include an extensive history, and discussion.  These services are not likely covered by insurances.  Financing may be available.  To schedule an appointment, call 828-697-2144.

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INTEGRATED MEDICINE is an alternative approach to medical care, integrating recent knowledge, biochemistry, extensive laboratory testing, sophisticated diet supplementation and life-style changes.

Often the more commonly available medical approaches are affected by pressures from big pharma, insurance companies, and tradition.  Integrated Medicine ignores these outside pressures, and looks at the causes of disease, not just symptoms. Often times the issues are at the very core of our being, the energy factories in our cells, called mitochondria.  If the myriad of biochemical steps required for health are not working, then disease results.  For example, without sufficient CoQ10, or Vitamin D, our cells don’t work properly.  Measuring each patients CoQ10 and Vitamin D will be done to ensure your body has the required amounts.  The same with other vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, etc. Possible heavy metal burdens will be studied (heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury are serious cytotoxins).  This approach to medical care is not likely covered by insurances.  Financing may be available.  To make an appointment, call 828-697-2144,

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